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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Corporate Housing?
Corporate housing is an industry term used to describe the renting of a furnished apartment, condo or house on a temporary basis. Corporate housing is generally cheaper than staying in a hotel, and is ideal for stays longer than a month. Furnishings, housewares and utilities are included, and extra services like housekeeping services can be built into the package as well.
Who uses Corporate Housing?
Corporate Housing is perfect for temporary relocation or medium-term accommodation when you don’t want to or can’t bring your own furniture. Typical clients include business travelers, healthcare workers such as traveling nurses and interns, construction crews, entertainers and film crews, consultants, government employees and military personnel, students, utility employees such as oil and gas workers, and even those needing long-term medical treatment. Families displaced by disaster may also choose to utilize corporate housing while their home repairs are being completed.
Where do you offer lodging?
Empire Corporate Housing offers accommodations across the United States. We are continually sourcing apartments and building relationships with property owners. If we don’t have the right home already sourced, we’ll get to work finding exactly what you need, where you need it.
What is included in the monthly cost?
Your dedicated leasing agent will create a package specifically for you that includes rent, utilities, internet and basic cable, as well as all furnishings and housewares. In most cases, a private washer and dryer will be in the unit. Optional extras such as cleaning services, upgraded furniture, and extra parking can easily be arranged if desired.
Will amenities be included?
Community amenities differ from location to location and you will have full access to all that the community offers. We understand that you have specific needs or preferences. You may need a pet play area, love an outdoor barbecue, or really want a view. Tell us what you need and your Empire agent will source accommodation for you with that in mind.
Is housekeeping provided?
Yes. Housekeeping is available weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Additional charges may apply.
Do you offer pet friendly accommodations?
Yes. Most of our accommodations are pet-friendly, with some breed and size restrictions. A pet deposit fee and/or monthly rent may be required. Full details of pet policies and fees will be included when you receive your quote.
What is the move-in/move-out process?
Your Empire leasing agent will provide specific details prior to move-in, and an exit letter will be sent prior to move-out. If you have any questions along the way, we can be easily reached by email or phone.
I need to report a maintenance issue/request, who should I call?
We are happy to help resolve any maintenance issues that arise. Please call us toll free at 1-888-305-7101 to get immediate assistance.
I would like to extend my stay, who should I call?
You can contact your Empire leasing agent at any time to manage the length and details of your stay. Feel free to email clientservices@ehotelgroup.com or call us at 1-888.305.7101 anytime.
Why should I choose Empire Corporate Housing?
We value partnership and want you to know you have a friend on the other end of the phone. From the first call to the day you move-out, it’s our mission to make your stay easy and stress-free! We care about the small comforts and believe you will be delighted to open your welcome gift, hand-selected and packaged by your Empire team member. Our commitment to you is excellent customer service, prompt communication, and every comfort possible while your home is somewhere else.
How quickly can you find lodging?
Upon receiving your call, our team will immediately reach out to our national sales contacts to secure all available rooms. Depending on the time we receive your call, initial rooms could be available the same day, with more coming online the next day and as needed.
Is there a limit to how many rooms you can provide?
No job is too big or too small! Empire recently sourced nearly 5000 rooms for families displaced by an over-pressurization event in Boston, MA. We maintain strong relationships with national Hotel Sales Directors and Management Companies to source rooms that are often unavailable on public search engines. From five rooms to 5000, we can make it happen!
Do I have a dedicated person I deal with at your company?
Yes. An Empire Project Manager will be assigned to you, and available as needed throughout the re-housing project. If you need further support, our leadership team is always on call ready to respond.
Do I need to contact hotels directly?
Not at all. Empire staff do all communication with the hotels from contract management through room assignment and check out. If you have any concerns or queries regarding a hotel you can contact us directly.
Will we have to pay multiple hotel bills?
Empire provides full accounting services that include assumption of all hotel billing. We make direct payment to the hotels and consolidate costs into one bill for you.
How much of the process will I be responsible for?
How much of this you do is up to you. At minimum we source rooms and provide confirmation numbers for you to assign, along with a consolidated invoice at the end. If you would prefer us to assign rooms and provide call center services for customer support that can be arranged as well. Feel free to talk with us about what level of service you need.
How do escalations/change requests get resolved?
Empire understands that some customers need special arrangements or priority placement, and we take these requests seriously. We will assign a dedicated escalation specialist (or more as needed) to handle all escalations and change requests as they come in. They will call the hotels, make all arrangements promptly, and communicate the resolution with both you and the customer.
Who answers our customers questions/complaints?
This depends in part on what level of service you have engaged. Some prefer to keep customer service in house, while others choose to engage Empire’s call Center for customer services. We are happy to discuss all these options with you and determine what will best meet your needs.
How do the end users contact you?
If call center services have been engaged, we will provide a toll-free number for your customers to each us at. Interpretation services are also provided.

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