In paradise, nobody would ever have to worry about finding emergency housing for families. And while Empire Managed Solutions can’t promise paradise, we can promise to provide the absolute best care and attention to families in need of emergency housing.

As many people have noted, it’s often a mixed-up, topsy-turvy world out there. Recent events, including the coronavirus pandemic, have revealed just how strikingly unprepared even the most advanced societies can be in troubled times.

Fortunately, we humans are quick learners. And we have great big hearts. We can rally together to come up with solutions and to keep the most vulnerable members of our society safe and sound until whatever threat we’re facing has been dealt with.

At Empire Managed Solutions, we provide emergency housing for families experiencing loss, upheavals, and in many cases, moments of a serious crisis. Finding emergency shelter for individuals and families in need of supportive services helps temporarily homeless families and individuals themselves. But it also frees up emergency responders, who can go about their vital work without also worrying about the wellbeing of the people in a particular area.

Things Happen

As we often say: Things happen when you least expect them. And since this is the case more often than not, it’s good to know that Empire stands ready as a nationwide community resource to assist families and others in need of emergency housing assistance.

Our ultimate goals: To secure emergency housing for families and displaced persons until such time as they are able to return to their homes. And to do so in such a way as to remove all obstacles and red tape from the paths of those affected by relocation.

Empire manages multiple Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) contracts for the Department of Homeland Security. We’ve worked to provide emergency housing following hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as the California Wildfires.

We were also the first lodging contractor to be afforded the opportunity to work in FEMA’s joint field office in Florida. During that time, we sourced thousands of rooms within a relatively small geographical area that had been impacted by a hurricane. Since then, we’ve booked more than 30,000 room nights for hundreds of FEMA first responders.

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