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Flight Attendant Housing from Empire Managed Solutions

It might seem like flight attendants are always on the go. That’s probably because when we’re on the go, they’re our go-to. They maintain safety standards and provide passengers with all the in-flight comforts of air travel.

But the truth is, even they need a little R&R between flights. That’s why they should turn to Empire Managed Solutions to take care of securing flight attendant housing.

According to this article, “many airline crew members sleep in what they refer to as ‘crash pads.’ These converted houses, apartments or motels near the airport can fit dozens of airline employees.” They “often squeeze into spaces as tight as an overhead bin.”

Flight attendants work hard and are on their feet for hours at a time. They deserve top-notch accommodations and, frankly, “crash pads” don’t sound all that, well, accommodating. Sometimes hardworking flight attendants share what’s known as a “hot bed.” That means they sleep in shifts; when one is at work, the other sleeps — and vice-versa.

“Between work trips, flight attendants usually sleep in 30-person dorms,” the HuffPost reports. “Or attics. Or worse.”


OK, no. It’s time to provide quality, affordable, customizable lodging for our flight attendant friends. So let’s hit that call button and find flight attendant housing that’s truly extraordinary.

Enter Empire Manager Solutions. And enter the corporate housing of your dreams!

Flight Attendants: The Ultimate Business Travelers

In many ways, flight attendants are the ultimate business travelers. They go everywhere. On the move for many days per month. And what do flight attendants (and pilots and other business travelers) need in a hotel or corporate housing space? We’ve asked. They’ve answered. And now Empire is better positioned than ever to provide housing for flight attendants anywhere in the United States. Business travelers’ hotel requirements differ according to the person. Flight attendants looking for temporary housing in between shifts are often stuffed into a one-size-fits-all room. (With no view.) Not at Empire Managed Solutions. No, we provide customized housing solutions for business travelers. We secure the best hotels for business travel. What’s on your list of must-haves? Bunk beds for you and your best friend/coworker? A living room with an open floor plan? Private bedrooms?  With our proprietary booking system, we can score hotel facilities for business travelers, rooms with a view. Whatever one needs for a comfortable stay. All of this at great prices and with standard-setting customer service and responsiveness We take care of all the details, and we communicate with managers, staff, and property owners on your behalf. Long story short, (so you can get to relaxin’): Our terms of service place an emphasis on the service.

How We Get It Done

Empire Managed Solutions provides nationwide service from our base of operations in Vancouver, Washington. Our company is owned and operated by three managing partners and a dedicated team of more than 70 employees. Each member of our team is highly skilled at securing corporate housing solutions for our growing base of satisfied — and repeat! — clients. Our work benefits not just those who stay in the rooms we secure for them, but the owners of those properties, as well. In other words, we score great values for our clients and great returns for the property owners and hotels with whom we work. Get in touch with Empire Managed Solutions, and we’ll get to work for you.

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